You Ever Wonder Why…

This post is to show you all that I’m still around. I’ve taken some workshops on Resumes, Interviews and General Professional stuffs, while navigating the Job Search in the DFW area. In between all of that I still think about you and all sorts of other things.

I wanted to list some questions I’ve been thinking about. Hopefully these can be answered in a later post.

  1. It takes someone dying for us to show them the respect they deserve.
  2. The store labels Texas Toast as such, even though it’s not toasted…yet.
  3. When on the road we drive on the right side. When walking into the store we walk on the left side.

Oh, and Christmas is coming. I’m still undecided on whether or not to make the drive back home. It may depend on what the weather is like up north(er) or if I have some pressing things here to do…like I don’t know, going to an interview. Either way Christmas should be great.

If you’re looking for some blogging fun check out Le Clown’s blog. He has a little contest going on. I’m pretty sure I’m two for two so far, but you never know. (Anonymous #1 and Anonymous #2)

Until next time Happy Holidays!


Workshop (Photo credit: boellstiftung) I’m the quiet one in the corner, that you can’t see, not talking to anyone. 

17 thoughts on “You Ever Wonder Why…

  1. BroJo,
    Thanks for the shout out, my man! And I did receive your email. And I will answer you. Soon.
    Oh, and I am so having Haagen-Dazs for supper tonight. Yes, my friend.
    Le Clown

  2. Here is the process engineer’s answer for left side entry, traffic flow and separation.

    When you enter buildings on the left it will typically allow the entrant to continue into the store without having to cross the traffic that is leaving the store. Normally the departing customers will then also have an unobstructed path to the parking lot without having to cross the incoming traffic. Putting them the other way, you end up with a cluster of people getting into and out of the store and people bumping into each other and creating levels of frustration before the shopping experience even starts. Now, many store designs have been adjusted so that this isn’t really an issue but have kept the standard entry/exit configuration so as not confuse the masses. Now you know.

    Merry Christmas.

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