Update, I Suppose


Why is it that now that I have an ample amount of time to write, I’m deciding not to? I think I’m in a rut, but I’m ready to come out of it.

Lots of things going on. I’m going to be attending my first Dallas Jaycees meeting tonight. That’s exciting. I’m also looking forward to attending a local Lodge meeting on Thursday.

Today I received my first ever library card. Did you know the library has free WiFi? Oh, yeah…they gots books too.

A little while ago I posted my five truths and one lie post. I will try to get the followup to that typed up and out to you all this week.

Movember is over. I never did receive any submissions for my contest. That’s okay though, I’ll just get with Becca and figure something out.

Positive thoughts, vibes and prayers are greatly appreciated as I continue to look for work out here.

Hope everyone is doing great.

Library Word Find Puzzle

Library Word Find Puzzle (Photo credit: herzogbr)

Here is something you can do as you wait for me to write and post more. Have Fun!!


18 thoughts on “Update, I Suppose

  1. I guess that kills my assumption that all smart people have library cards. Well you have one now so the universe is restored. Our computer died a sad death. (Weeping) just when we got back our sweet Internet hookups too. Sorry the job hunt is taking so long. That’s lame of Texas. Good posts though.

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