This Is The Tuesday Post, Any Questions?

Originally posted on Brother Jon's Page:
I had some fairly good reviews for last Tuesday’s (Valentines Day) post, so I’ve decided to try to make that a regular Tuesday “thing”. If there isn’t enough “positive” information for this given day, I will steal from Monday’s trunk of useless knowledge. I really don’t want to…

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To me, Compassion is…

…loving someone, even though maybe, you don’t like them all the time. …Equality through Peaceful means. …loving yourself and believing You Are a Superhero. …Service to Humanity (is the best Work of Life!)   …loving one another, despite any and all of our differences. …giving all you can, even when you don’t have much. …unconditional love. …one…

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Happy Birthday Bruddah!

 If you all don’t mind, could everyone please join me in wishing my Bruddah a very, very Happy Birthday!! Today is the big day, he’s finally the Big Three OHHHHHH. That’s right, 30. Now, I think he’s kinda skeered about this, but please help him realize that (a) 30 isn’t that old and (b) I’ll…

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At various points in my life I’ve been consumed by different things. As a child the idea of being an adult consumed me. This had more to do with all of those great infomercials back in the day. *Must be 18 to order* I so wanted to be 18. Entering “adulthood” I found myself consumed by…

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Originally posted on Not A Punk Rocker:
While I am indeed a born/bred/still stuck here Southerner, this post is NOT about a song by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Instead, this post is about the app, FreeBird.  It is a way to send photo postcards to our friend Rarasaur for free!  The only “cost” is that they attach…

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A Request

Originally posted on Stories that Must Not Die:
In a recent letter I received from our favorite Jail-Dino, Rara, she requested any and all glimpses of our worlds that we were willing to share, including: “traffic, skies, coffee cups, buildings, kids, art, snowcones, everything.  I want to see the world!” And!  To make that super…

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Ryan Doyle on the Great Wall of China

Spreading the Word

As I mentioned here 2014 will be the year of bloggers, for bloggers. Influenced by and dedicated to 1 of 10 Boyz in the Middle Kingdom please enjoy the following. The reason I’ve decided to include Middle Kingdom is pretty simple. Last night I went and saw the third installment of The Hobbit at the theater. The Hobbit takes…

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