Welcome to the Caliente Diablo Apartment Complex

Free heat, air conditioning will cost ya extra A day or two before I moved into my apartment there was a fire at the Laundry building. I moved in on a Saturday, and was told that there wasn’t any hot water because of this fire. The next day the hot water was back on. Life…

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BroJo, BroJo's Bro, Muddah

Happy Birthday Mom!

Hey! So the title should speak for itself. Today is my mom’s birthday. And, NO, not April Fools. It really is her birthday. She is…uh, yeah…she’s a year older than she was this time last year. Yeah, let’s put it that way. Here’s a little hint though. You remember that SNL sketch from the 90′s?…

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Aussa Lorens

Irrational Love

As I mentioned here 2014 will be the year of bloggers, for bloggers. Influenced by this, and dedicated to Aussa at Hacker. Ninja. Hooker. Spy, please enjoy the following. 

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21 Things…

The other day the sweet Rara posted 21 Things I Irrationally Hate. Around the same time the whimsical Tahira shared 21 Irrational Things I Love. She had gotten the idea from the very gingery “Hot Mess” (Her words, not mine) Aussa, who shared 21 Things I Irrationally Love. After reading these it got me to…

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I Feel Inspired, By Myself, Somewhere Else

So, looks like I just won the award for Blog Title that makes absolutely no sense. I wrote a guest post and it went up early this morning on Rara prompted me to write about what inspires me and this is what I came up with. Please check it out – Guest Post: BroJo…

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Yay Sports!!

What? My Name Is…

As I mentioned here 2014 will be the year of bloggers, for bloggers. Influenced by this, and dedicated to Lauren at Tales of a Charm City Chick, please enjoy the following. 

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To My Friend

This past Saturday night, around midnight or so, I received a phone call from my brother. It was great to hear from him, but the message he had for me wasn’t so pleasant. He asked if I remembered our friend [insert first name] “you know, [insert last name]” I did remember him, of course. He…

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